The Pledge

We (“Pledgor”) believe in being a force for good by encouraging open innovation to create a more sustainable future. We encourage the use of low-carbon technologies by making our energy-saving innovations available to everyone for free through this patent pledge.


Pledgor grants a royalty-free license to any person or entity that wishes to accept it (“Licensee”) under the Pledgor’s Pledged Patents to practice the patented technologies for the use, generation, storage, or distribution of low-carbon energy from solar, wind, ocean, hydropower, or geothermal sources. The license is non-transferable, non-sublicensable, non-exclusive, worldwide, fully paid-up, and for the entire term of each of the Pledged Patents. The Pledged Patents are listed at

Defensive Termination

The license automatically terminates (and shall have the effect as if a license was never granted) if Licensee* asserts an intellectual property infringement claim against Pledgor*, threatens or initiates a legal or administrative proceeding against Pledgor* for intellectual property infringement, or does not otherwise act in good faith with respect to Pledgor*.

No Warranty

The license is granted “AS IS” and “WITH ALL FAULTS” without any warranties, express or implied.

(*: including any affiliated entity)

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