Open patents. Collaborative innovation. Working together to solve the climate crisis.


Climate change is a challenge none of us can overcome by working independently. We must solve it together through open collaboration, shared learning, building on each other’s achievements, and inspiring one another to set and meet ever more ambitious goals. Our coalition of pledgors will help accelerate adoption of low carbon technologies, foster collaborative innovation, and facilitate sustainable breakthroughs by making critical intellectual property broadly available without charge around the world.

 “The world needs radical collaboration to meet this critical moment in the climate crisis. To achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, we need to work together to innovate faster. By opening up these patents, we hope to help accelerate and encourage innovation by enabling others to build upon our work.”

-John Frey, Chief Technologist for Sustainable Transformation at Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Holders of IP have come together in pledging to make freely available to anyone key patented technologies that have applications in low carbon innovations including the generation, storage, and distribution of low carbon energy.

Partner Institutions

By making patents with low carbon technology applications freely available to all, we hope to encourage and accelerate the innovation humanity needs to avert a climate disaster. Initially, hundreds of patents will be made available, with the intention to add to this list as more patents become available and others join the Low Carbon Patent Pledge. 


We invite any patent owner to pledge their patents and join our mission to foster the use of low carbon technologies. And, if you don’t have any patents, but you’re a believer, we’d love to hear from you.